Monday, February 1, 2016

Busy Busy Busy


Life is Busy Busy Busy. The trip to New Orleans was amazing. Captain Greg Moon / Louisiana Fly Fishing Charters showed us an incredible time with fantastic fishing as always. The topwater bite was on and I can't wait to get back. The boy is growing too fast and every day is an adventure. This is fun.

Friday, July 10, 2015

"Come and Take It" and "Don't Tread on Me" fishing shirts

Gadsden Flag (Don't Tread On Me) and Gonzales Flag (Come And Take It) Shirts are back in. Thanks Anchored Designs (Paul Oliver). They look great. 

The Solar Performance Long Sleeve offers superior sun protection and performance qualities. Featuring up to UPF +50 solar protection, the Solar Performance Long Sleeve is lightweight, comfortable, and sure to keep the sun's rays from penetrating through your skin. This fabric is powered by PURE-tech moisture wicking technology. Shirts have an athletic cut so if you like a looser fit go up one size. 

Gadsden Flag - Dont Tread On Me - $30.00
Gonzales Flag - Come And Take It - $30.00
+6.00 shipping

 If interested shoot me an email

Payment accepted via PayPal

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Our Purple Martin Season

One pair of purple martins set up shop and laid 5 eggs. 3 hatched and 3 fledged. The other pair that was around left. It was a fantastic experience though maddening at times. They put on such wonderful aerobatics and I spent many hours watching them soar, glide and chat up a storm. It was amazing how social the martins were and how the closer it was to fledging time, the more and more martins showed up to visit and cheer the babies on. 28 days after hatching the 3 martins took to the sky and we got to watch them. It was fantastic. They took off and were mobbed by the adult birds in an almost gang like initiation. Hopefully these martins will have a safe migration to south america and return again next year to do it again. 

Fledglings about to take flight (blue tint and its sibling in tow). I hope to see y'all next year. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A Busy Spring

Spring is going by so fast this year. Maybe it is the lack of sleep due to having a 2 month old that makes time fly by or maybe things are just moving fast because of the extended winter that we had to endure. The bluebirds have already laid 5 eggs, 3 hatched and all 3 fledged but we missed it due to a quick trip to visit family.

This year we decided to try our hand at becoming a purple martin landlord and I know that I have absolutely driven my wife crazy with how I act about them. They are an amazing bird that I can spend hours watching, listening to and fretting over. We were given a house by my martin mentor, which I modified according to the PMCA, enlarging rooms, changing entrances to keep starling out and then we began the waiting game. Waiting is the hardest part.

I know nothing about their behavior so I have scoured the PMCA (purple martin conservation association) forum, reading everything I could find. I doubted my location due to trees and then one day a beautiful male ASY (after second year) bird showed up and took interest in several of the holes but he never stayed the night and after a few days I didn't see him again. The thing about martins is that one day your house is covered up with them and then they vanish and continue their migration. A little over a week ago several SY (second year) birds showed up and began staying the night. They quickly attracted females that shacked up with them and began nest building. Today I checked the box. One compartment had a nice nest built. 2 other compartments had the beginnings of nests. I sat on the back porch and watched as 2 pairs of martins returned to roost in compartments 4 and 6, surprised that no bird entered the almost complete nest. They are a mystery to me and hopefully by the end of this season I will understand them better and be able to provide them with a safe place to raise more martins. I am looking forward to the better weather tomorrow to see what it brings.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Wooden Whales


Painted Bowhead and Right Whale

Weathervane Sperm Whales

Cutting out/carving whales has become the relaxation time. It is brainless work and carving them from reclaimed wood (old fence pickets and an old wooden desk) with the Dremel is instant gratification. These were inspired from all the different antique "Nantucket" style whale plaques and weathervanes that I have been obsessed with. 

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Rio Grande - Tierra Del Fuego

I don't know how to describe or explain fishing for sea run browns on the Rio Grande in Tierra Del Fuego and my words won't do it justice. It is also struggle to explain the vastness of the land, the charm of the people, the size of the sky and the brilliant light of their sunrises and sunsets. There is something very special about the experience that you just can't explain. This is just one of those perfect experiences in every aspect (though the fishing was a bit slow due to numerous factors).

The river was low and clear and the weather was warm. Towards the end of the trip the fish were starting to really move into the river and certain runs fished/held fish better than others. I am not a "spey caster" but I have fished a time or two with two handed rods but I was constantly wishing that I had more experience and found myself thinking, "If only I could get 10ft more out of my cast." This is a dangerous thought path that then leads into thoughts of distance and accuracy and built in mends and being able to cast through the wind. The wind is a constant. Flags stand straight and skagit line ends up 25 ft from where it was intended. It was a wonderful challenge.

We stayed at La Estancia Maria Behety. The staff was great and the chef was incredible. He made the most fantastic meals and cooked "from the heart." Gustavo, you are a world class chef and I hope you are there the next time I make it back. It was glutonous. We literally fished, ate and slept. It was the life.

Estancia Maria Behety

Fox kits peaking from their den. 

Dad, Sea Run Brown, Saracione, Anderson 5wt and head guide Federico.


Wednesday, December 3, 2014