Saturday, May 5, 2012

Whiskey Rain Barrel

DIY Whiskey Rain Barrel

The Tools.
 Drill, wrench, 15/16" bit, 3/4" bit, 2 1/2" bit, hose spigot (3/4"), elbow (1/2"), sink drain filter, 

Whiskey Barrel

Set the Barrel on its side and drill a 3/4" hole for the overflow. Once the hole has been drilled and the sawdust removed, stick your nose close to the hole and take a nice deep breath. The smell of whiskey is like heaven. 

Screw in the elbow and leave it in a downward position. 

Spin the barrel around and drill a 15/16" hole. Screw in the hose spigot.

Place cinder blocks. It is best to level the ground as much as possible. The cinder blocks will help the water flow. 

Place the barrel on the cinder blocks to get an idea of how high you need to cut the gutter. I used a hacksaw to cut it.

Drill a 2 1/2" hole in the top of the barrel.

Place the filter in the hole. I used a very fine metal mesh to keep out the roof debris and the mosquitos. 

The test run. The water was all over the place so I used some of the left over gutter to extend it.

Perfect positioning for a slight drizzle to a hard rain. Yellow House is ready for another Texas drought. 

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