Monday, July 18, 2011

Bassin with Tater

Tater is the best fishing buddy anyone could hope to have. He is one hell of a netter but his release of the fish is questionable at times. I'm not sure who likes fishing more.


Lately I've been chasing carp out on the flats at Ray Roberts and having a great time. We arrived at dawn and were greeted by several fish milling about in ankle deep water. It Took a couple of casts before I put the fly where I wanted it and the line came tight after a long slow strip. I repeated this with several more fish and blew a number of opportunities. Sometimes the line just comes tight and other times the carp covered some ground in reckless fashion to inhale the fly (when this happens you almost forget they are carp and not redfish). They hit anything buggy, wooly boogers, puffs, and other goofy easily tied "carp flies." The location is great. It is close enough to not waste an entire day yet far enough away to feel like you are out of the city (saw many deer too).

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Lake Emma and Her Surrounding Ponds

What else is there to do when it is 100 degrees in the shade? Roll up the pants legs and jump in after some bass. Tater and I were invited to chase bass and the fishing was amazing as always. I'm starting to think that Tater gets more excited when I catch a fish than I do. He doubles as an amazing net but his catch an release needs some work. The bass were killing anything that resembled a shad and most of the fish hit a sub surface deerhair shad fly (which shortly after landing a 5 lber I lost to some weeds on my back cast).

Sometimes Life Slows Down