Friday, June 11, 2010

Paul Miller Fly Strikes Again : Dad Shows That He Can Do It Too

My Dad is a fishing machine. When I think that I am doing a good job putting time in on the water, my Dad has spent 2-10x more time on the water fishing with world class guides (though I wouldn't admit this to their face) and fishing legends (I didn't know there was a Fly Fishing Hall Of Fame until you sent me the email) in exotic locales and blue ribbon rivers . I am proud of you Dad. In this photo he shows off a "smaller" Delta Striper that fell for a Paul Miller. Kick ass.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Denison Dam and Paul Miller Fly

Denison Dam has been generating between 10am and 5pm. Found good numbers of small fish hanging on the edge of the currrent. If you could mimic the final few kicks of an injured shad drifting down river then a strike was almost guaranteed. I don't think I once had a hit on the swing. There was one monster hit which broke me off immediately and quickly became a 10-15lbs fish (but I'm pretty sure he wasn't worth the cost of a Paul Miller fly). That fly had some crazy natural movement and looked sexy as could be but it is hard for me to justify such cost per fly for anything other then a fish of over 20lbs. Phil has again continued his reign of terror on buffalo. His cousin's son assisted in the landing of the fish. The kid makes one good net.

Texas Coast (the long lost edition and the best day of redfishing ever)

I worked my way into one of the back lakes and happened on the most beautiful sights, school after school of redfish working their way through the lake I was in. I stood in the same spot, never moving, for over three hours and caught fish after fish after fish. It was a race to see if you could land the fish before the next group spooked, but they wouldn't spook. They would just mill about swimming happily between my kayak and myself. The anchor rope didn't even bother them. The sun began to set and I left tails. (I haven't seen fish in that lake like that day since).

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Denison Dam

Denison Dam has been generating non-stop and it seemed as good a day as any to give it a try. There were lots of scattered little fish, no monster takes and the biggest was about 5lbs on a long line release. White Clousers and white decievers worked the best. Phil did manage to catch a buffalo that he promised ate his dead drifted clouser. It put up a pretty good fight and is a cool fish to catch on fly.