Monday, January 27, 2014

Tater Sketch

He's the best pup a guy could hope to have.

Steelhead Watercolor

Steelhead Watercolor 

Feels good to get back to working on art. Gotta get back into the swing of things. Many of my watercolors paints had dried out from not being used.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tailing Monster Red.

Jen was on point with the camera when we found this guy tailing away. It was the coolest fish ever. We first saw him tailing as pelicans swam by him. They didn't disturb him. Neither did my first cast that hung in the oysters, or the roll cast that got it off the oyster. Neither did the second cast that was behind him. The third cast got him. I would rather be lucky than good.

You Should Have Been Here Last Week.

A week after the incredible trip that Jen and I had, Dad, two of his friends and myself decided to try it again. The day after Jen and I left New Orleans and returned to Dallas it snowed as a massive cold front swept through. Flights were delayed and canceled and only one of his friends actually made it to New Orleans. When we arrived in New Orleans we were greeted with nasty cold weather but those things don't stop us from trying.

Dad's first Louisiana Redfish

The fishing was tough and we cast at many fish over 20 and 30lbs that just would not cooperate. The second day ended up a half day because of a flying boat long jump / marsh dry docking / broken steering cable. It was amazing to watch and we were lucky no one got hurt. One boat was out of commission and three of us piled onto Moon's boat to try to continue to fish in 20 mph sustained winds. Moon tried to keep us fishing but the wind was too much with all of us on the boat. Dad got too cold and we tapped out early. The good thing about New Orleans is that when the fishing is tough, there is always good food. This time we ate at the best restaurant in New Orleans, La Petite Grocery. Chef Justin Devillier (from Top Chef New Orleans) is Moon's good friend and the owner of La Petite Grocery. I can not stress how good the food is. I ate so much that I could hardly move. From this day forward, every trip to New Orleans will include dinner at La Petite Grocery. The weather was so cold the next day Dad decided to stay in and Justin was able to joined us the next day. His love for cooking is equal to his love of fishing. We caught some fish, missed some fish, laughed and had a great day. A tough trip turned into a wonderful trip as we ate great food, laughed a lot and made new friends. Can't wait to do it again. 

Jen Strikes Again. December NOLA

Jen is good karma. She and I made our winter trip into New Orleans and she continued her rein of terror on the NOLA reds. She has come to the conclusion that the fish are always happy, ready to eat and the weather is always wonderful. "Its just what they do." It was an amazing trip.

Jen all bundled up

Captain Greg Moon (Redfish Whisperer)

This red was happily tailing in less than 2 feet of water. My first cast hung an oyster bar which cooperated with my roll cast and let go. My second cast was behind him. Third cast was perfect and was followed by a monster explosion and incredible take. Some times it is better to be lucky than good.