Thursday, July 11, 2013

Bluebirder's Revenge

I have began killing European House Sparrows. These birds killed my 4 bluebird babies and then when the adult parents relaid eggs, the house sparrows destroyed the eggs. Some pesky squirrels that like to eat bluebird babies also paid the price. After doing quite a bit of research I decided to purchase a RWS 34 Diana in .177. This is a pest killing machine and more accurate than I am.

Ray Roberts Carp

The water level was so low at Ray Roberts that we waded through the trees casting to fish in the roots. The roots is an exaggeration but they were in the trees. Bass were busting topwater and for the first time I saw bass following carp and smacking what the carp would kick up, similar to reds following rays or specks following reds. The carp would glow in the mud they stirred up when the sun was out. Many of the fish were more than willing to chase my bad casts. Happy Carp.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Here We Go Again

The new and improved house (Texas Bluebird Society TB1-C with heat shields). Roof heat shield is 3/4" cedar and the west facing shield is made of 1/8" plastic painted with several coats of exterior white latex paint to eliminate the opaque quality of the plastic. 

I also purchased a mister for those really hot Texas summer days.

Working on a spooker to put up today.


I was too late with the spooked. When I went out to make sure everything was the right size I found an egg outside of the box with the < > beak mark or the house sparrow. When I looked inside I found this.

I am so frustrated. I am also wondering if it was the heat that killed the previous 4 babies or if it was a house sparrow attack that didn't leave any signs on the 2 day old baby birds. Note to self, put up sparrow spooker as soon as that first egg is laid.