Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sailfish Fly Box!

Cam Sigler Popping Heads, Cam Sigler Tube Flies, Gamakatsu Octopus Hooks size 6/0
Bring on the billfish.

Patagonia Marlwalkers

Dear Patagonia,

On a recent fishing trip to Port Aransas I had a catastrophic Marlwalker blowout. After 15+ years of wear and tear, trips to Christmas Island, Los Roques, Belieze and numerous days fishing the oyster ridden flats of the Texas coast, these boots finally failed when I stepped into a mud hole on Brown and Roots flat and came out with no sole. The good thing was the day of fishing was almost over. The bad part was that there were redfish tails tempting me to stay and try one more cast, which of course I did, cutting my foot on an oyster bar and blowing my chance by spooking the red. Apparently redfish do not like profanity.

The amount of use and abuse these boots took was amazing. My new pair is on their way. What a great product.