Monday, August 2, 2010

Hopper Time!

Driving down the road to the pond I knew the bass and bluegill would be focusing their attention up top. Grasshoppers covered the paved road and weren't in a hurry to move. When I opened the gate to the pond the grasshoppers exploded from freshly cut pasture. As we neared the pond we could see rings all across the water as bluegill and bass slammed helpless grasshoppers that spooked from our encroachment. It was going to be a good day for fishing and a fun day to play with my new Hoya Pro1 Circular polarizing filter. I will figure out how to take good pictures eventually, the problem is I like to fish and stopping fishing to take pictures is harder than it sounds.

Travis scored a pig which would almost count if it were on fly but it is still an awesome bass on topwater. Travis, it is time to learn the joy and heart ache of fly fishing.

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