Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tierra Del Fuego

If you like big trout and like fishing with Spey rods then you should fish Tierra Del Fuego. This is no doubt a trip of a lifetime which every fly fisherman needs to do it at least once in their life (preferably once every year). The food is great, the wine is amazing and, well, Argentine women are...well...perfect, only topped by Texas women or Venezuelan women. In fact I am pretty sure that the only way to decide the winner would be by throwing all three into a jello pit to fight it all out in a scantily clad battle. But in all seriousness I am pretty sure that the most beautiful women in the world are from one of those three places. Back to the fishing...

22.5 on the Boga.

This monster came from the Villa Maria and weighed 33.5 lbs. It is just amazing how big the fish are and how many big fish there are.


  1. what reel is that? You got a great blog and got a new follower

  2. Nice blog! That looks like a trip of a lifetime.

  3. I'm glad yall like it. Tierra Del Fuego is somewhere all fly fishermen need to fish. Great food, great wine and huge sea run brown trout. If this means eating beans and rice and selling an organ or two it will be worth it. The reel is a Saracione.