Wednesday, February 1, 2012

NOLA - Rematch

After the ridiculous fishing I experienced on my previous trip it was pretty easy to sign Phil up for a rematch. The conditions on this trip were tough, constant winds, poor water clarity and no sun. Cpt. Greg Moon (recovering from the flu and about 10lbs lighter than our previous trip) fished hard and put us on great numbers of fish. We fished super skinny and cast at many tails. When we found some semi protected waters the shots were quick and when everything came together the fish began to glow on flat. Phil scored a monster 60+lb Black Drum which bottomed out the Boga. Planning the next trip to NOLA and tying flies for the trip as we speak.


  1. bad ass dude, I already know how much shit your buddy got for bringing that fish into the boat....and on the drive

  2. The best part was that the big nasty pooped all over phil and the boat. But lets be honest, who wouldn't want to get that pic even if it meant getting pooped on by a 60+lb big ugly?