Thursday, December 6, 2012


We had tough conditions, no sun, heavy clouds and blown out flats but we persisted and when other guides were calling it half days, Captain Greg Moon was fishing his ass off. If I haven't said it before, Moon is one hell of a guide. He fishes hard and his love and understanding of the sport really shows. The fish were scattered, spooky and hunkered down in the Louisiana mud. We managed to make a few eat and had a hell of time.

Phil scanning the flat.

Finally got one of these guys to eat. Sheepshead have been teasing me for years.

Some of the destruction left by Isaac. Pictures don't do it justice. Houses were moved from their foundation and left resting on the levy and the houses that remained in place were stained with a marsh water mark. These houses weren't just flooded, the water mark was on the roof of most houses. They were destroyed. Everything was destroyed. People were tearing everything out so they could start rebuilding. Trash, soaked drywall and everything you could imagine (including some tombs) were piled on the levy out by the road.

Captain Greg Moon

The first toad of the trip.

The conditions were tough and we fought wind and clouds that lasted all day but persistence pays off. When we were able to see the reds (before they left a mud boil) they weren't exactly interested in eating and most shots were within the 20ft range. The fish were hunkered down in the mud, not glowing happy fish. When the sun finally did come out to warm the water, the red's attitudes began to improve.

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  1. nice sheep! sucks the fishing was a little slow. But knowing Moon he capt yall entertained with his stories.