Monday, March 4, 2013

Backyard Projects

Whale weathervane that has been outside enjoying all the wind.

It is bluebird nesting time. The neighbor's bird house is already being scoped out by a pair of bluebirds. This house may have been put out a little late this year.

The finch are starting to hit the feeders so Jen and I built this thing out stuff that was sitting around the house. The house finch are all over the place but we haven't seen any gold finch yet.

With all the bird feeding going on we had to try the suet feeder. Tater believes that this is the best feeder and that it needs guarding anytime he is outside. The project for the week is to expand the corner beds. Going to try to smother the grass with cardboard and news paper and add a layer of soil and mulch over it. 


  1. Before you smother the ground, make sure you wet it down. Could be a bunch of night crawlers there. Even though you're a fly fisherman, might be able to pawn them off on somebody else.

  2. I'm glad that Tater knows his job. There is nothing more important than protecting the bird feeders.