Monday, May 20, 2013

Bluebird Watch - The Backyard Drama Continues

The other day the bluebirds were suddenly absent. A quick look in the box revealed ANTS! I went into action mode, grabbed the drill took off the top and the front and began smashing and sweeping out all the ants from the bird house. I ended up pulling the nest out of the house and smashing the ants that were hiding under the nest. Gently, I removed each egg (they are unbelievably light and by this point I was sweating bullets) and removed the ants from the eggs. The eggs were still intact and in great condition, no cracks. Whew! When I was satisfied that I had destroyed as many ants as I could I put the nest back with the eggs neatly arranged, put the top and the front back on. Then I dusted the base of the pole with Bayor Ant Killer. I went around the corner of the house to put the ant killer back into the cabinet and when I returned to the backyard (literally within a minute) the bluebirds were standing on their house. She flew into the house and rearranged the eggs and the nest. 

We are still waiting for the eggs to hatch. Our fingers are crossed. 

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  1. You're the Kingpin Justin. I have some birds around my house that I would like to get rid of. They crap all over the rocks around the pool. It drives me crazy.