Sunday, April 13, 2014

Success! First successful bluebird fledging.

Four out of Five eggs hatch.

Day 2 after hatching. One baby was removed. After some research the most likely conclusion was that the baby had died and mother blue removed it. 

Day 18 - Looking both ways before heading out

This little one was in the top of the tree in the front yard before dad blue went and coaxed the baby to fly over the house and into the tree line (green belt)  behind the house. It was very windy and these blues were doing great and clinging on tight. What a treat to be able to witness this.

A final nest check. No sign of the unhatched egg. Mom Blue was a very good housekeeper. Time to clean out the nest box again and see if we can do it all again. 


  1. That's a really cool time lapse, did you set up a camera in the box?

  2. No, we monitored the box and checked in on them just about every day. Each time we would snap a quick photo. A nest cam would be awesome but I am afraid I would watch it 24-7.

  3. That is amazing. We keep refilling our bird feeder. The hummingbirds haven't been coming around though. And, we have a family of Robins living in our fence!

  4. My mom out is East Texas is getting hummingbirds now. I haven't see one yet here but I just put out my hummingbird feeders. Have the Robins laid eggs? Spring is such a cool time of the year.

    1. I'm afraid to get near the nest and the mom keeps a pretty good eye out. I also think there is a smaller male nearby.

  5. This is a great post!! Aren't you glad I kept peeking in and taking photos of them :)? I am so extremely happy that you got to watch your baby birds grow and fly away.