Friday, June 20, 2014

Summertime Carp on Ray Roberts

Casey and I made took a morning to find some carp. The first fish was a crawler that had more of himself out of the water than in. Casey made some great cast to cruising fish  and was hooking up all around me. Finally started spanking some fish when I found them buried up in the weeds. Their tail would give them away and they would appear out of nowhere. The good thing about this type of fishing was that you could almost walk on top of them before they would spook. I was basically high sticking them, dangling the fly in front of them until they saw or felt the fly, followed but a gentle sip and then an explosion from the grass. We did pretty good for the day considering the clouds and wind were our constant companions.

The Blue Herons were very busy feeding their very demanding babies

Casey releases another carp in front of me (sporting the Redfish Tail Shirt).

The water levels on all the lakes are very low. The shoreline is covered with all sorts of tracks and trails. This one was the coolest and the one that I had no desire to follow. 


  1. I barely have patience for sight fishing smallmouth bass but I do like to see carp pics.