Thursday, July 2, 2015

Our Purple Martin Season

One pair of purple martins set up shop and laid 5 eggs. 3 hatched and 3 fledged. The other pair that was around left. It was a fantastic experience though maddening at times. They put on such wonderful aerobatics and I spent many hours watching them soar, glide and chat up a storm. It was amazing how social the martins were and how the closer it was to fledging time, the more and more martins showed up to visit and cheer the babies on. 28 days after hatching the 3 martins took to the sky and we got to watch them. It was fantastic. They took off and were mobbed by the adult birds in an almost gang like initiation. Hopefully these martins will have a safe migration to south america and return again next year to do it again. 

Fledglings about to take flight (blue tint and its sibling in tow). I hope to see y'all next year. 

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