Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Aransas Pass / Port Aransas /Rockport, TX

Home away from home.

Cajun Combo w/ 2 lbs of crawdads

Key Lime Tart to top it off 

Of course there was Mexican Food along the way.

(Phil's Anchor)

There always seems be something that gets left at home when kayak fishing and we always say, "Lets make a check off list for the next trip so this doesn't happen again." This trip an anchor was left at home but have no fear. We are firefighters and fly-fishermen. We are experts at adapting and overcoming and rigging things to make them work in our favor. After all, an anchor is just a heavy object attached to a rope.

(a few casts with an awesome eat and a very bad trout set)



  1. Nice! A buddy of mine and I having been saying for years we need to hit that TX water, rent some kayaks and get us one of those redfish. It looks like your camera rig works out nicely.

    The first vid is set on private BTW. Not sure if that was intentional or not but I would have like to seen the action.

    1. I am new to all this video stuff and I fixed the first video. Thanks for the heads up. I love the Texas coast and kayaking the flats. When you get ready to head down there, let me know. You will love it.

    2. The mount worked pretty good. I learned some things out there and it was pretty funny at times, fighting the wind, fish, kayak and camera but man it was fun.

  2. I love the Possum video & how you tried to re-catch him after he swims off. So funny :)