Sunday, April 28, 2013

Bluebirds - The Second Build

A few weeks ago the female bluebird vanished after a few days of building. The male sang and sang and did his "look at this great place I have found for you to build your nest" dance. I figured something got her (and something might have and he has attracted another mate) or she just didn't like something about the spot. Then I got a phone call from Jen. "Your bluebirds are back, both of them and they are building again. I was so happy and laughed at how sappy I have gotten over these birds and how worried I became after I stopped seeing them outside around the house. 

Well they are back and at it again. This female carries huge bunches of grasses and branches into the nest box. During one of her trips she crossed paths with a squirrel and dropped what she was carrying to beat the squirrel, with the help of the male. They made this awesome "click click click" sound and dive bombed the squirrel until it retreated into the trees. Several other birds met the same treatment when they landed too close to the nest box. It was a pretty entertaining day in the back yard. 

Tater was not impressed. 

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  1. Tater would probably be more impressed if it was cats instead of birds.