Wednesday, April 17, 2013

DIY Bed Frame

A week ago we decided it was time for a new bed (because before there was no bed frame). After some internet inspiration we decided on this design. This bed is rock solid. We basically built a box with a lip around our bed frame, box spring and mattress. 

We used 
9 = 2 x 6's
3 = 2 x 12's
3 = 2 x 8's
1 = 2 x 4 (cut into many pieces for bracing)
lots of wood screws with a KREG jig
4 lag screws and washers
Gel Stain

(inside of the frame)

90.5" (foot of the bed - horizontal platform)
2x80"(sides of the bed - horizontal platform)

those then sit on 82.5" (Foot of the bed - vertical)
and 2x 81.5" (sides - vertical)

the horizontal foot overlaps the vertical sides like a puzzle.

The headboard was made with 90.5" lumber stacked on top of each other and then connected with a 2x4 that was lag bolted into side of the bed. 

All of these dimensions were measured to fit our king sized bed and box springs. Measure your bed to make sure these dimensions will work before you start cutting lumber. 


  1. Turned out so great! Better get ready for more DIY house projects baber :)

  2. I believe it'll do the trick. Nice job.

  3. That's funny. A girl on my route just told me that her and her boyfriend broke their bed frame. I won't get into details, but I'll have to show her what you built.

  4. All I did is basically build a box around the box spring. The side and front steps were reinforced with a 2x4 KREG jigged to hide it.

  5. Sounds like comfort and durability have been good.