Wednesday, April 17, 2013


During the last trip to the coast I pulled an absolute rookie move. While landing a redfish, I allowed the fish to swim between me and my kayak, which was attached to me by a 3ft rope. In my attempt to not break my rod I made a heroic effort which I will never be able to describe. It is best summed up by the statement, "I was very grateful that no one was watching and that the Gopro was not running." Needless to say I saved the rod but broke the red off when it dragged the leader across the rope. I retied and cast to another red, which I hooked and when the line became tight and the fish started its first run the line broke. Another few fish were meandering by so I quickly retied, cast and hooked up and when the line came tight it quickly snapped. What I failed to do was to check my leader after my fiasco. The rope had frayed the leader in several spots and weakened the leader.

Lesson relearned - always check the leader after a few fish or after heroic measures. 


  1. You have to keep those things up to date. You never know when someone might call you up and say, "free trip to the coast tomorrow but you have to bring the flies."